Here you will find all the traditional recipes of the regional Campania cuisine that will be sent directly to your home in packs containing everything you need to create these dishes at home.

To surprise you or to surprise your partner or your company and why not, your family members too.

They are simple menus to complete and do not miss your imagination !!!

Also use the other alternative products put in your FoodBox and enjoy!

The pasta is handcrafted from birth to packaging, even the one rigorously done by hand, to preserve the organoleptic qualities of the product.

There will certainly be recipes with special formats in both format and composition.

In fact, there are recipes with spelled pasta, highly digestible and with a low glycemic index, wholemeal pasta, good and nutritious, or other special pasta formats such as cuttlefish ink, coffee, chicory or kamut and many others.

Traditional first courses of the Campania region and much more

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