My story begins like this, one September morning, in the home kitchen, in the company of my second son, a few months old to look after, and a fixed thought ...

What can I do to make the day of the days special? That is, my wife's birthday ...

The gift had already been ready for days but only that seemed to me a little, therefore, as you can easily guess, I tried my hand at the stove.

The inspiration came from Gordon Ramsay, at that time he went crazy on Real Time with "Nightmare Kitchens", and he should have come from the internet to help.

Internet, the place where everything can be obtained with a single click, a simple word that opens a world, the search carried out in a few tenths of a second, at least as a Google estimate, which should bring the solution at hand.

But what do I tell you to do, I came to the solution, for heaven's sake, but I went around the entire web to find what satisfied me ...

Ok, I romanticized it a bit because I like being picturesque, but I really found everything but going around everywhere ...

Hence, leaving aside the dinner that was a success to say about my wife and here I can't put my mouth into it, the idea of ​​creating a portal of Campania food was born.

Idea to which I have dedicated most of my free time and it has allowed me to get to know some beautiful companies as well as extraordinary people.

Each in its own way has given its contribution to make the website grow and feed my desire to carry on the Il Gusto Campano project.

I especially thank those who did not believe in me, in those who made it possible for me to always find new obstacles to overcome.

Only thanks to the charge I have accumulated to overcome the difficulties have they given me the opportunity to create around me, today, a team of people who support me and who support me daily to ensure that the site can grow and always offer an optimal service. .

Il Gusto Campano is the showcase of the only agri-food companies in Campania who work with love and passion, handcrafting their products to offer you a unique product in taste and authenticity.

We are all always in search of quality but this can only be found in small companies because they responsibly choose all the best raw materials and remain tied to tradition.

The tradition in the processing of its products, also using recipes that have been handed down for a hundred years now.

It makes me proud that you visit our portal and that you buy the best things our region has to offer.

Judge us by what you eat and do not stop by simply reading the prices displayed.

You are purchasing a piece of passion, a piece of tradition and a lot, but really a lot, quality that we offer to you, daily, with the heart.