Vesuvian helicals

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The handcrafted helical, bronze-drawn, are one of the most suitable pasta shapes to capture sauces and flavors.

Whether they are of land or sea you can savor every seasoning of your dish.

The pasta is 100% processed with Italian wheat, the slow drying and cooking at low temperatures allows the organoleptic qualities of the product to remain unaltered.

Even the packaging is done manually to preserve what has been said.

Original pasta
Favorite wine

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The Vesuvian FoodBox * contains the following products:

  • A 500-gram pack of handcrafted helicoids;
  • A package of Neapolitan salami of about 300 grams;
  • A 280 gram package of Neapolitan long pumpkin;
  • A 50 cl bottle of extra virgin olive oil;
  • A 75 cl bottle of Pompeian Red wine.

The Neapolitan long pumpkin is handcrafted, there is no type of artificial preservative.

The Neapolitan salami is processed according to ancient recipes dating back to the first half of the Neapolitan nineteenth century.

Pumpkin and Neapolitan salami have a short supply chain and the wheat of the pasta has "100% Italian" certification.

* the package described above is the basic FoodBox. For any other combination of the FoodBox use the drop-down menus

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