Artisan Scialatielli with Lemon

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The fusion of two words, in the Neapolitan dialect, give the name to this pasta shape.

"Scialare", meaning enjoy, and "Tiella", meaning pan, give life to the name of Scialatiello, a product born in Amalfi at the end of the seventies.

The pasta is handcrafted, even wrapped by hand, in order not to alter the organoleptic qualities of the product.

The lemon added to the processing is real lemon juice, not an aroma.

Cooked to perfection, with a little tomato, and with some basil leaves, you will comfort your palate like never before.

xperience to be repeated several times.

Original pasta

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The FoodBox contains the following products:

  • A pack of artisan Scialatielli of 500 grams;
  • A 500 gram pack of Pacchetelle del Piennolo;
  • A bottle of Aglianico from cl. 75.

Use the drop-down menus to change the composition of your FoodBox.

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