Pantaccione of Gragnano PGI

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Bronze-drawn pasta created by the skilled hands of the artisans of Gragnano.

Short chain, slow drying, craftsmanship in full compliance with the times and manual packaging all to keep intact the organoleptic qualities of the grain.

Produced only with certified Italian wheat, pantaccioni are suitable for any type of recipe and the result is guaranteed.

Have you ever tried pantaccioni for finger food recipes?

Original pasta

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This FoodBox contains *:

  1. Gragnano PGI "Pantaccione" pasta format;
  2. Pack of whole black summer truffle in natural 35 grams;
  3. Packaging of artichoke cream and black truffle 90 grams;

* The default foodBox is composed as follows. For other combinations you can proceed independently by choosing from the possible combinations.

Pantaccione IGP Gragnano
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