Pacchetelle of Piennolo DOP tomatoes from Vesuvius

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The packets of the Piennolo tomato that we propose are produced on Vesuvius in the San Vito area.

It has an intense red color and a sour aftertaste due to the characteristics of the Vesuvian soil.

Excellent as a side dish in main courses or as a condiment for first courses.

If you appreciate it, you will love to eat it even without any type of accompaniment.

The offer includes 6 packs of 550 grams plus Pacchetelle.

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It is the Piennolo tomato, our DOP certificate, preserved in a glass jar cut in half and called, precisely, Pacchetelle.

It is very rich in mineral salts such as calcium, phosphorus and potassium.

There are also vitamins A and C, which have anticarcinogenic effects on the body, and lycopene which has an antioxidant function.

Open it, toss it in a pan with garlic, oil and a pinch of chilli and it is immediately ready to season an excellent spaghetti.

Simple to cook, healthy and nutritious.

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